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Daily Dolly Kei

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Daily Dolly Kei Style
Recipe for Dolly Kei:

-One part mori girl
-One part antiquated style
-Dash of lolita for flavor

Shake well. Pour into your personal style and serve with some imagination and creativity.

Dolly kei is a fairly recent style that's been coming out of the woodwork (thanks mainly to stores such as Grimoire) that blends feminity often found in mori girl (and to quite a lesser extent, lolita) with heavy Eastern European and vintage influences. Those who wear the dolly kei style seem like dolls from magical realms more often found in books and films than in real life, which gives the style an otherworldly appeal.

Daily Dolly Kei is geared towards those with an interest in the dolly kei fashion and is intended to be a place where members can share their own individual dolly kei styles.

Things that can be Posted:

1.) Outfit snaps: First and foremost, outfit snaps are always welcome.
2.) Makeup: Have a makeup style that you feel is relevant and want to share? Go for it.
3.) Hair: Same thing as makeup. If the hair seems relevant and you want to share it, then go ahead.
4.) Tutorials: Tutorials can range from makeup tricks to how to put together an interesting necklace. As long as they're applicable to a person's dolly kei style, they're quite welcome.

As the community progresses, themes, mini-themes, and discussion posts will also be introduced.

And then, like any other community, Daily Dolly Kei has rules. There's only a few, so do pay attention:

Community Rules:

1.) Don't be an asshat. No flaming, no trolling, no being disrespectful to other members. If you have issues with another person's attitude or post, then express yourself in a civil way.

2.) LJ-cuts are your friends. If you have multiple pictures in your post then be courteous and put them under a cut. One picture is allowed above the cut, but exercise judgment regarding the size.

3.) Don't delete comments. Don't delete comments. Don't delete comments. If you've made a typo in your comment? Edit it or leave a second comment correcting what you typed.

4.) No advertising stores or blogs. There are other places on LJ to advertise, so there's no need to advertise them there. Leniency will be exercised if stores and blogs are mentioned offhandedly in posts (read: not the focal point of the post). On the other hand, it is perfectly acceptable to advertise another community provided that the maintainer is asked first.

Violations of the rules will be handled on a case-by-case basis, though generally members will get one warning before running the risk of being banned (well... maybe not over lj-cuts; everyone messes up from time to time).

Introductions: See here. Introductions aren't necessary, but they're a nice way to get involved.

And then there's one last thing...

Fellow Communities: Still have dolly kei needs to satisfy? Check communities like dolly_kei for more information and inspiration.

And that's all. Welcome to the community, folks.