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Pink Doll & Let's be traditional :)

Hello :)
Today I've got two pictures of my outfits of the weekend.

The first outfit is a rather modern Dolly Kei outfit. The main color is pink, because I tried to include my favorite skirt into a Dolly Kei coordinate:


The Hairband is new :) I was searching for nice cat-ears since ages and finally I found some ^^
I also have got new glasses. They are bigger and more striking than my old ones. My old ones were broken, unfortunately :(
The gray cardigan has got a very nice pattern on the backside. It look slightly like a lotus flower.


The second outfit is a bit OT, because it is not really Dolly Kei, but still I think it looks so cute and quite Dolly aswell. I went to a bavarian restaurant with my parents, because of Mother's Day, so I took the oportunitiy to wear my dirndl. I think that traditional clothing works very good for Dolly Kei and I plan to involve parts of my dirndl into a Dolly Kei outfit. Combined with a high closed blouse and a petticoat, a dirndl would even be a Lolita outfit.



May. 14th, 2013 12:20 pm (UTC)
Hello :)
Actually I don't have the privilege to wear a dirndl as well, because I'm not bavarian at all. I think that everyone can wear what he/she likes. The nationality is not that important for me.
I went to the Oktoberfest in my town last year and there were many women wearing modern or sexy dirndl. The shop where I bought my dirndl was full of these modern versions.
I think, a dirndl works perfectly for Dolly Kei coordinates, so there is no reason, why non-German women should not wear a dirndl for Dolly Kei. Actually the dirndl became a very fashionable item in the last couple of years and it's very in fashion at the moment, I guess even in America. The dirndl goes around the world and I like it, because it provides a new (better) picture of Germany. I think its okay to wear a dirndl, even for non-German women, as long as they still know, where the tradition came from :)
And... actually... I'm wearing Dolly Kei, a very good friend is a lolita and we aren't Japanese as well :D


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