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Inroduction + Theme.

I don't know if I can post these two things in one big post, but if it's not allowed you can delete this post ^^.

 Name: gogglebunny.
Age: 19
Location: The Netherlands

How did you discover dolly kei? I was reading a blog about Lolita fashion and I stumbled appon this post: www.fyeahlolita.com/2010/02/japanese-dolly-style-lolita.html

What about the style interests you?
Well I've been interested in Japanese fashion since the begining of my puberty, I always admired Lolita, but I felt that there was something missing in the fashion and I didn't like the whole 'guidline' thing, I think that fashion should be seen as an art and your body is the canvas, there should be no right and wrong (I'm sorry if that sounded corny). Anyway I found out about Mori girl and I loved that fashion too, but there still seemed to be something off. I mean Mori, Loli and Dolly are like sisters, they are based on the fundemental desire to live in a fairytale, or at least experience life as much like a fairytale (this is not the case with everyone though). I love fairytales also, but I like the dark variant, not the disney ones, but the ones that were told in the old folklore ways, like baba Yaga and the old grim tales. I like the dark enchanting magic side of fairytales as well as the fun lovely bright side. However Mori and Loli seem to lack a certain darkness, even Gothic Loli seems more like a princess than a witch or a gypsy girl. I love the flimsyness of everything that has to do with Dolly Kei. When I see these clothes, my imagination imediatly transports me into an other world and the reality around me becomes the background of a fairytale. I also really like Steampunk in combination with Dolly Kei.

What do you expect from the community?

Creativity and innovation (and hopefully a bit more tolarent than other daily_ s), I would like to get inspired <3

Photos that inspire you:

Photos of your personal dolly kei style:

Ok so here the Theme comes in, some time ago I did my first coordination and posted it on dolly_kei, I only used stuff I normally wore in combination with Dolly accesories, here's a link: community.livejournal.com/dolly_kei/16741.html

Anything else?

I hope this post wasn't to long XD.



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Jan. 5th, 2011 06:26 pm (UTC)
Welcome. I love the last few inspiration pics. They're lovely.
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