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A new Dolly :)

Hello :) I'm new to this comunity and to Dolly Kei in general, so I might introduce myself first:

Name: Mella
Age: 17
Location: Germany (That's why my English may sound a bit strange ;D )

How did you discover dolly kei? I was looking for a nice outfit for the "Japan Tag" in Düsseldorf last year about this time. My best friend is very into lolita, so I tried to combine a lolita-inspired outfit for that day not knowing that it actually was totally Dolly Kei. She told me that it is Dolly Kei (she's really into Japanese fashion...), so I looked it up in the internet and I loved it but could not really identify with this style back then. Recently the term "Dolly Kei" just popped up in my mind again, so I - again - looked it up. Well, my style changed a lot during the last year, so I saw Dolly Kei in another way and totally fall in love with it, so I decided to try it out.

What about the style interests you? I love the sweet and doll like look of Dolly Kei and the over the top and vintage accessories. I don't really like jeans and stuff and I always preferred very female, sweet and elegant clothing. I'm not that into the rather brown color palette, so I try to wear more light colored clothing or berry tones, like dark red or blueberry blue. I'm going to wear Dolly Kei in my own way ;)

What do you expect from the community? I hope that you can give me good advice for improving my outfits, because I'm very new to this style. Furthermore I'd like to see other outfits by other Dollys in order to get new inspiration.

Photos that inspire you:
This would be an endless list of pictures, so I just picked out my favorite ones ^^

21 2lcxqfo

64450_555789947777831_589282786_n dolly-kei-fashion-japan

Photos of your personal Dolly Kei style:
I try to keep it relatively casual, because I still go to school, so my outfits have to be not that confusing.

20.4.13 2.5.13

25.4.13 23.4.13(2)

P.S.: I tried to insert a Lj-Cut, but it just didn't work... :( Maybe anyone could help me.
P.P.S.: Never mind the P.S. The cut finally works as you might see. :D


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(Deleted comment)
May. 12th, 2013 12:55 am (UTC)
Thank you :) Most of the accessories is actually really old and either a present from my mother or even my grandmother from their youth. I've had quite good conditions to start with Dolly Kei ^^
Our school does not have an official dress code, but sadly people in my age often have a problem with different dressed people... Even a quite good friend told me that my style looks like the clothing of my grandmother O.o
We can wear patterned tights, but I personally don't like them at my own legs, because I'm quite small (1,58m/5'2'') and tights tend to be too long and I think, patterned tights have to fit well to look nice. Maybe I will try them out, when I find nice and fitting ones :)
I generally try to wear matching colors or colors of the same palette, because I have to be very careful with my hair color: It doesn't matter how many colors I use in the outfit, my hair will always be another striking color, because I normally don't wear orange clothes at all. Furthermore my color palette is quite (classic-)lolita-inspired. I just love dark-blue or -red and pastel-blue or -rose *.*
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