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Introduction & September Dolly-kei

Hello, there! My name is Jessica, and this is the first time I've posted a picture of myself in dolly-kei. I don't have much experience, but I love this style, so hopefully I will have more to show you soon.

Pictures and full intro under the cut. Enjoy! ^.^

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Daytrip to Cologne/Dolly Kei OotD

Hello :)
Today I went to Cologne with my family and my Dad took some pictures of me. I wore an outfit that I already showed in my introduction, but I improved it by adding a scarf and (finally) patterned tights. I also bought some new accessories, so maybe I'll make a post about this (and about my new patterned tights :3 ) as well.The OutfitCollapse )

Pink Doll & Let's be traditional :)

Hello :)
Today I've got two pictures of my outfits of the weekend.
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A new Dolly :)

Hello :) I'm new to this comunity and to Dolly Kei in general, so I might introduce myself first:
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P.S.: I tried to insert a Lj-Cut, but it just didn't work... :( Maybe anyone could help me.
P.P.S.: Never mind the P.S. The cut finally works as you might see. :D

Dolly Kei Friday

This style will be a challenge come warmer days since it thrives on layering but I don't shirk at challenges ;-) I wish to see more dolly kei entry posts. from other people. It's kinda lonely around here..

Intro and Weak Attempt at First Outfit

Hi Folks, just thought I'd introduce myself.
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Of Frocks and Accoutrements

Hello dollies. I have a new post in my journal if you all want to saunter over there and say hi :-) I posted about my thriftstore score today and it was a magical haul. How is your weekend so far?

Here's a thumbnail of my finds. A bigger one is in my journal.


It's my dolly kei Friday! It is so cold outside and what a great excuse to unearth this vintage suede hooded coat from my closet! I bought that coat in Soho in New York ten years ago for--get ready... $2.00

My favorite piece in this whole ensemble is the vintage carousel brooch that I got from a thrift store in New Orleans for $1.50 I hope everyone has a good weekend! I'm excited about mine for it shall be spent going to thrift stores and crafts stores to expand my dolly kei "trousseau".
HAGWeed! (Have A Good Weekend!)


Woodland greetings 'ᴥ'

Hi everyone. I'm very new to this community but I've always been dressing "dolly kei" although more toned down. I never even knew the existence of such an aesthetic until only very recently. I instantly got hooked and was very glad to realize that I somehow have a substantial dolly kei pieces in my wardrobe to come up with my very first dolly kei ensemble that I wore to work. dollxio

I'd be most happy to meet like-minded people here and make new friends! Please add me ^_^

calling all dolly-kei enthusiasts out there

For the next edition of BCM we are looking for good, high resolution (the bigger the better) photos of people wearing dolly-kei for the fashion feature.

Any type of dolly (whether it is the older more fairy tale style or the more modern or a style mix with another j-fashion style, it's all good) is more than welcome. No cult party kei please as we are keeping that for another edition all together :) (unless you want to send your photos in really early ;)).

Photos must be at least 1333/1500 x 2000 pixels, but bigger is definitely better :)
It goes without saying that you need to be allowed to share the photo, as I don't want to get in trouble for accidental copyright infringement. Our deadline is April 24, but the sooner I get photos in the sooner I can edit everything so I definitely won't complain if I get submissions before then :)

If you could help out, I'd be very grateful. Photos can be send to hildekitten at gmail dot com
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and a huge thank you in advance to everyone who can and wants to contribute!

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